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Our Mission:

            Equipment Exchange Resources is in the business of assisting Companies, Enterprises and Government Agencies to control their excess, surplus and salvage property. 

Who We Are:

We have been providing this service for over 15 years, under the same name.  We accomplish this by working with your staff to remove equipment (emphasizing on the electronic related items) that is no longer wanted or needed.  Rest assured that ALL property is appropriately sanitized prior to leaving our facility.  We focus primarily on the Mid-Atlantic region, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.

How Can We Assist You?

            Equipment Exchange Resources will come to your site and remove your unwanted surplus, excess, or salvage property.  That’s right we will remove the bad along with the good!  So long as the distribution is even, or better, between the good and the bad property. 

The best way that we can help you is that we provide this service FREE!  Yes, that is correct!  We will pickup your unwanted equipment FREE of charge to you so long as the good equipment available will cover our costs.

What We Do:

            Once we have your equipment in our warehouse, we go through each piece and completely sanitize it from any traces of ownership.  We verify that any and all property tags, logos or other company information physically left on the item are removed.  We sanitize all hard drives to assure that no data is available from them.  This can be done to Mil Spec when necessary.  All data storage media is completely sanitized to prevent any access to any previously installed data and we assume full liability for our client’s data.

             We check out and test all equipment to the best of our ability to determine the appropriate disposition.  We check-out all computer related equipment and refurbish it when possible.  If it is not possible to fix the item, then, we will dismantle it and recycle or salvage the parts. 

 We Are Covered:

            Equipment Exchange Resources, Inc maintains a $2,000,000 coverage policy with Travelers Property Casualty/Insurance Workman Comp. Policy # IE UB 437X6025

How You Can Help Us:

            For ease of operations and safety in transport, we ask that all property be palletized on a standard pallet (4’L x 4’W x 6’H) and wrapped at least 3 times with shipping plastic.  This will insured stability and employee safety while the pallets are moved.  Also, this will insure load stability during transport.

References available upon request.

Who we donate to:

            We work with non-profits and school systems that we donate our time and excess inventory.

 What You Should Do Now:

            Pick up the phone and call the office of Equipment Exchange Resources at 301-362-9823 and schedule an appointment to let us assist you in your company’s property management challenges. 

Our facility is open from 10:00AM-5:30PM Eastern time. 

Out location is

8836 Washington Blvd. #206. Jessup, MD 20794. 

Come visit our showroom or give us a call 301-362-9823

 We are servicing the Baltimore Metropolitan area, and the surrounding counties. We also service clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Ohio, and Kansas.

Our areas of expertise, are customized software, network sales and service, hardware sales and service,  and consulting.